Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 weeks to Japan

I've been getting ready for my trip to Japan, and last night was the first night without sleep because of nerves. Today I went to the dreaded Atlantic Target and got all the necessities like allergy meds, advil, plug adapters and lots more. I've spent so much money getting ready for the trip that it's freaking me out. But I know I will find work when I get back and my bank account will be alright again.
I went to buy my JR rail pass at the JTB office in midtown another giant chunk of change but necessary. The travel office is located in midtown which I seldom ever venture to even though I know there's good Japanese food there. The office is a total Japanese experience. When you come there's a lovely office but no one's there. Near the door there's a machine that looks like an ATM or arcade video game with a telephone. You are greeted in Japanese but when you press the "English" button on the screen you are prompted to make your selections as to what you are there for "JR Pass" for me, please. Then the screen tells you to pick up the phone and a very nice lady asks you a few questions and tells you to sit down. After a minute a woman came out with a clipboard and asked to fill out the form that she'll be back in 10 minutes. She comes back then tells me she'll be back in another 10 minutes. About 20 minutes later she comes back with another person's JR pass voucher so she disappears for the third time behind the mystery door. Finally! I get my voucher but she tells me they'll mail me the invoice since the printer is on the fritz. I'm not complaining because I wasn't in any rush but it was just the beginning of strange things to come.

Okay so I had a lot of time to kill at the JTB office and I found this gem,"American gift", where the Japanese traveler can buy very "American" things, well according to who I'm not sure. You know you can't find peanuts especially Planters anywhere, and Spam, nothing more American than Spam

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