Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tokyo Living

Someone once asked me if I was living in Tokyo when I was there last or was I there on holiday (that's vacation to us Americans). Well I thought about that question because I felt like I was living there even though it was for a short period. I spent a better part of my childhood moving a lot, sometimes only living for a week in the same apartment and having to pack up all over again, furniture and all. So as an adult I have certain parameters to define living in a place, length of time not really mattering only my routine. While in my Tokyo apartment I pretty much did everything I do living in my Brooklyn Apartment here's a little (long) photo narrative....

I folded up my futon after waking. Tokyo living
I did my laundry. Yes everyday, unfortunately. Tokyo living
I freshened the bedding. Tokyo living
I looked out my apartment window to admire the view Tokyo living
  I locked my apartment door before heading out Tokyo living  
I coveted my neighbor's garden Tokyo living
I picked up breakfast when I didn't feel like having toast and eggs, again. Tokyo living
I saw my favorite corner at the bottom of my hill. Tokyo living
  I went food and supply shopping at the local supermarket. Tokyo living I walked to the train station. Tokyo living On the way to the train station I wrestled with riding a bike in the freezing cold, the train won as usual. Tokyo living I passed the local pet store. Tokyo living
  I picked up a maatcha latte right before getting to the train station. Tokyo living
  I molested a dog on the way to the train.
  Tokyo living
  I sketched. Tokyo living
I went out to photograph the nearby neighborhoods. Tokyo living
I pondered what this storefront held inside every day on the way to the the train. Tokyo living
I regretted not buying that cute thing I could have used. Tokyo living
I had lunch. Tokyo living
I bought a yummy pastry after lunch. Tokyo living
  I picked up some crafty supplies. Tokyo living
I had a beer. Tokyo living
I molested a pack of wild chihuahuas. Tokyo living
  I checked out my favorite vintage store. Tokyo living
I rode the train home. Tokyo living
  I checked out my favorite local clothing and accessories stores. Tokyo living
I cooked a crappy meal in my sad little Japanese kitchen. Tokyo living I went out for dinner because I didn't want to eat a crappy meal. Tokyo living
I molested the neighborhood kitty. Tokyo living
I coveted my neighbor's house Tokyo living
  I had another delicious craft beer at the local Taproom. Tokyo living

OH! I paid rent and took out the trash. Yep, seems like a was living there.


  1. Hello! I love this post! This inspires me to do a similar 'day in a life of' post, since I've never really talked about living in my apartment, or what my usual day looks like. Love your photos! :D

    1. Thanks Ru-cahn! You should totally do it I would love to see!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! I hadn't been on your blog before I love it! Where in Japan did you live?

  3. you definitely lived there!

    i loved this post! so fun! and such pretty photos, as always :)

    i can relate to your feelings about tokyo because it felt like home to me when i visited and i was only there for a few days!

    what part of tokyo were you living in?

  4. It must have been fun living there for a short while. I'd be eating and buying craft supplies all day long!

    1. Hey Lisa, Super fun and yeah I did a lot of eating and buying craft supplies, but not as crazy as the time I went before, I had a whole other bag for my stuff!

  5. That was a great post Jannese and seems like you had a great time in Japan too, I am so jealous hopefully one day I will get there. Oh and I definitely would have gone out for dinner too the kitchen was so tiny.

    1. Thanks Kelly! You'll get there, and you'll have a great time!

  6. Hey Jannese! Great post! You obviously lived here! And don't forget you survived one of the scariest earthquakes in Tokyo. Btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sketch! It's amazing! Pls show us more!

    1. Thanks Ros! Really? It's weird I have a million sketchbooks all with different styles I wouldn't even recognize this as my own, hahaha

  7. I like your sense of humor! haha. It's fun to read these type of posts -- i feel like I went through the "day" w/ you.