Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Trim Card PDF

Hi folks. Second post today, doesn't happen often, but I got side-tracked from my pillow making schedule by the mess in one of my trim drawers. I have a A LOT of trims and notions, and my trim drawers are lets say a little hard to open. With that mess in mind I stopped my pillow plans and designed a trim card to wrap all my pretty things on. I figured a lot of my crafty friends out there in blog space might have the same problem so I'm offering a free pdf here and I will keep a link on the left column of my blog. Just print on 8.5x11 card stock, cut-out, and VOILA you have neat little pretty things all lined up in your drawers! *Please remember all free things I share are copyrighted to me so this is for your home use only not for resale(someone was naughty recently and tried using one of my pics without my permission we came to an understanding but things could have gotten ugly). Copyrighting your work is so easy now, you can do online for a small fee, I highly recommend doing it. trim cards trim cards trim cards trim cards


  1. Absolutely super - just what i need, many thanks

  2. Great idea Jannese, I have all of my trims in a large plastic container it is a nightmare to look through it, thanks for this.