Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunshine awards

copenhagen, 2010

A couple of days ago I was nominated by Sewon for a sunshine award, which I was very flattered because she has a quite inspirational blog. So when nominated (Sunshine torch is passed along) we answer a few questions and then pass the award to five people who deserve some ray of sunshine, too.

It's been quite sunny and unseasonable warm in NY these days so I will pass the sunny torch along to well deserved blogger friends.
Here. We. Go!

favorite color: (right now) sunny yellow
favorite animal: it's always between a rabbit and an elephant (but I love my dogs)
favorite non-alcoholic drink: matcha latte
facebook or twitter: twitter
getting or giving presents: of course both! but I do love making things and then packaging in pretty wrapping and lots of washi tape
favorite flower: hmmmm..that's hard...for shape a rose for smell lilies of the valley
favorite pattern: geometric patterns, dots, triangles..and I especially love mini prints
favorite number: 8

Hiki-chan:for her beautiful photos in lovely Japan
Jenna: for her crafty gorgeous packaging,stationery, and zines
Debra: for her inspirational and talented illustrations
Kelly: for her pretty collages and amazing sketchbooks
Johanna : for her lovely photos, zines, and amazing use of pattern.

and all you talented folks that want to be part of this - what are your answers?


  1. Ohh thanks for continuing it! I don't think it's necessarily obligatory but fun to see the answers. :) I'm so, so happy about the warm weather. Thinking about long walks and picnics make my heart soar.

    1. Me too! I love that I can take my bike out again!

  2. Wow thankyou for nominating me Jannese and I'm glad to have made another fabulous blogging friend in you!!

  3. Thanks Jannese for nominating me for this award! Here are my answers;