Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missing Tokyo

Everyone that knows me knows how much I love Japan and how disappointed I am that I had to leave so early. There's nothing that I don't love about Japan, so I'm missing a lot of things, like....

The walk to the train station, with all it's little shops, restaurants and bars.

The streets, immaculately clean.

My matcha latte from Cafe Doutor in the morning.

Life supermarket with it's amazing selection of meats and fish and giant bottles of green tea.

The combini where I would pick up my tuna onigiri ,which I was so proud that I figured the Kanji out. The only place with a frig dedicated to flan, just flan. Buying a can of beer without judgement.

100 yen stores.

The craft superstores, one of the only places in the world I've been where crafting was equally as important as clothes or food.

Walking along the Meguro river.

My favorite Yakitori place

Loft, one of my favorite stores.

All the amazing vintage stores, not even in Brooklyn do you find stuff like this.

Sweet cafes with attention to detail.

Cute store fronts.

The quiet efficient trains.

The Tokyo lights.

Nakameguro, my neighborhood.

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