Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fresh Pies and old goodness

Friday my partner, Debra and our good friend, Dada from Tak for Mad took a nice walk into the Gowanus since we are in the next neighborhood over, Boerum Hill to check out a couple of places. The first place we went to was Film Biz Recycling, a huge warehouse filled with vintage props and furniture used in the film industry and you can either buy or rent stuff, everything is marked with it's option. Of, course everything I loved was for rent only. But how amazing if you want to have a party and want to have some cool furniture or amazing props to impress your friends or date, and just cna't commit the dough to make a purchase you can just rent it!. I found some neat things like a kids turntable, old Kenmore sewing machine, tons of cameras, lamps, and lots of great chairs.

Next stop a slice of pie! For a delicious snack in the neighborhood stop in to Four and Twenty Blackbirds for an amazing piece of pie made on the premises. I had the Salty honey pie and that was absolutely an explosion in my mouth of sweet and salty caramel deliciousness! I recommend going in the afternoon before 4pm and enjoying the sunny seating on the farm style tables. I hear the coffee is good too, but I'm not a coffee drinker so I have to go by what others say, but the pie is two thumbs up.

Getting there:
Film Biz Recycling
540 President street (between, 4th avenue and 3rd avenue)
Take the R to Carroll St.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds
439 3rd Avemue (corner of 9th street)
Take F or G to 4th Avenue Station or R to 9th Street Station

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