Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All in one Place! Kinokuniya and Cafe Zaiya (image heavy)

Self-made Envelope Stationery by Kazumi Udagawa
ISBN 978-4-8085-8541-9

Yesterday I had a sad morning so I decided to cheer myself up with a trip to my favorite store in NYC, Kinokuniya. Kinokuniya is the greatest Japanese book store, here and in Tokyo. The branch on 6th Avenue and 41st street has three massive floors. The main floor has tons of fashion, doll, general Japanese interest books and so many magazines. Lower Level has a huge stationery section with tons of kawaii Japanese character stuff, like San-x. School, office, painting and drawing supplies, plus some crafting supplies and beautiful papers are all located on the lower level along with the very awesome crafting book section. Also Japanese language books and children's books can be found on this level. The upper level has art and photography books, and if you are a Manga fan you are in super luck because they have a nice collection of Manga books and videos. Toys and other fun stuff can be found on all three floors. Then on the third floor they have Cafe Zaiya, a sister cafe to the larger one a few blocks away. The cafe has great bento boxes, onigiri, pastries, yummy hot and cold beverages, like matcha frappe with a cute seating section.

Origami supplies and books

Tons of kawaii!

art supplies and MT Tapes (washi tapes)!

Cafe Zaiya treats Onigiri (riceball)

yummy green tea muffin or cream muffin

These are the books and mags I bought yesterday at Kinokuniya along with the one at the beginning of the post.

MT Tape craft book (no idea the title) ISBN 978-4-416-30939-1

Super cute Fair Isle knitting patterns (no title) ISBN978-4-579-11318-7

Fudge (fashion mag), 2011 May vol.95, (no ISBN)

More cool stuff that I saw in the store but just had to watch my spending, but I really want them!

Getting There: Kinokuniya bookstore
1073 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue and 41st street), New York, NY 10018
(212) 869-1700.
Take the F or M train to 42nd St Station

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