Monday, April 18, 2011

Beer, Dim Sum, Tacos, Beer, repeat

Kelso of Brooklyn, opened their doors this weekend to tours on Saturday at 2pm and 3pm at their facility. It was rainy and windy so what better thing do than take a tour of a delicious beer brewery right in our own backyard. We got their a little later than 2pm so we missed the first tour, but no worries, there's another tour at 3pm and they gave us fresh FREE beer while we waited and the tour cost nothing also, that's a win-win situation. Kelly, one of the owners of Kelso, was there to give us a tour, we learned about brewing on a larger scale than in our kitchen and got some interesting info on the history of the building and had some more free beer, did I mention the free beer. Blurry-eyed, we ventured into Sunset Park to our new favorite Tacos place, Tacos El Bronco. I highly recommend the Taco Pastor and the Vegetarian Tostada. For tacos I would get the regular size the small are really tiny. The place is a total no-frills kinda place, but it's really tasty and the service is friendly. My only beef with this place is that there is always someone there that needs to blast the jukebox with Mexican music or Michael Jackson, and don't mind the tunes it's just the volume in a tiny venue is ear-splitting.

On Sunday we headed into Chinatown to drop off an ill-made frame at Pearl Paint so they can repair their mistake, then headed over to Jing Fong dim sum on Elizabeth, but the wait was going to be probably over an hour, so we decided to head over to the Golden Unicorn on East Broadway, another dim sum place a little further east. It was just as crowded but they seem to be calling people a lot faster so we got our ticket number 95 (they were up to 44) and just waited patiently. After about 45 minutes we got our number yelled and were told to go to the 2nd floor, they have multiple levels. Since we were only two, we shared a table with three other people, this is common practice at a dim sum place so they can fill up the tables. Once your seated you are given a complimentary teapot and a card where your food items will be stamped. Then food carts roll around and you point at stuff and they stamp your card. There is a language barrier at times and it can be frustrating on both sides but it's so good it's worth it. The portions on each plate vary, some are tapas size, others are large plates, most things are meant to be shared. We got shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, large fried shrimp wrapped in bacon, sesame balls, pork ribs, and this fried dough roll wrapped in a big noodle. We saw the lady who fries up the pan fried scallion dumplings and we were so exited because that's our favorite, but apparently it's everyone's favorite, because when we asked for a plate of them she served them and gave them to someone else and said "NO MORE!" We waited for a little while hopefully that she would have more soon but that never happened so we called the hostess dressed in a suit to tally our bill and we paid her and left.

After dimsum we took the dogs to the park again, they had an amazing time and I got to enjoy all the beautiful trees that bloomed this week.

Our friendly neighborhood stray, Cletus. He needs a home with a backyard.

Getting there:

Kelso of Brooklyn - 529 Waverly Ave., at Fulton St., Fort Greene
Take the A,C train line to Clinton-Washington Station.

Tacos El Bronco-4324 4th Ave, Sunset Park (cross streets, 43rd and 44th)
Take the R train to 45th Street Station

Golden Unicorn- 18 East Broadway, New York
Take the F train to East Broadway or the 4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge (City Hall)

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