Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drag queens & four-legged girls

Tomoaki Hata, Onan Spermermaid, "Insert", Kobe, 2003

Yes, odd sounding but these were the two photography shows I saw on Friday. One planned the other just good luck that it was in the same building. I set off with Debra into the far west side of Chelsea on Friday to check out Tomoaki Hata's photography exhibit, The Night is Still Young, at Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects. It was a small show of his series of the sub verse drag queen culture that exploded in Osaka in the 1990's and he as a student was smart enough to photograph this historical event. In Japan being gay, much less being a trannie is a BIG no-no and it's a part of you that you should keep hidden from the public eye so this documentation is a really big deal. I don't know what Hata-san's true nature is but he certainly was allowed a very personal look into gay culture in Japan that must never see. The show ended today, but you should check out his work online, the whole show plus other pieces from the series are on the site.

Next up was another photography exhibition by Kazakhstan photographer Almagul Menlibayeva, Transoxiana Dreams, Priska C. Juschka Fine Art. I don't know much about the photgrapher but the works were impressive, yet, high-fashion which is kinda weird because from the artist statement I don't think that's what they intended to convey.

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