Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tea and War

Today NYC finally emerged from all the snow and we were able to get into the city. Debra and I took the train into the West Village to have lunch at Tea & Sympathy on Greennich Ave, one of my favorite places. This place is a super cute Bristish tea place with traditional afternoon tea and lots of other yummy Bristish treats.We started with clotted cream and scones.

Then we had a variety of tea sandwiches like Branston pickles with cheddar cheese and cucumber and cream cheese, with a delicious Rose petal tea. Followed by an insane ginger cake covered in hot creamy custard! Entirely too much food. After that we rolled ourselves to the train Uptown to the International Photography Center to see to exciting shows, the Mexican suitcase and the Cuban Revolution.

Being Cuban-American the latter was incredible to see since my parents were there before, during, and after the revolution. A time in history that forever changed my parents and every other Cuban. The show is up until January 9th and I highly recommend it. The Mexican suitcase was depressing and amazing. I love that I got to see the first woman photo journalist's photos Gerda Taro. She was amazing! She died when a tank in the war struck her!

Both shows were related to revolutions, the weird thing is that on the way to the museum we saw this guy dressed as a toy soldier.

The weird thing wasn't that he was a guy in a costume sitting in a subway car that's normal growing up in NY, but it's the soldier part because we were headed up to see photographs of war, is that kismet?

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