Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mammos and Bios

Last night I was running around gathering my promotional materials, measuring the pieces for my upcoming group show at In Rivers gallery and the Astoria Market (craft fair), feeling a little like a chicken with its head cut off, but excited nonetheless. Today I've been updating my bio/artist statement for the show and I'm feeling a little weird that I have bios all over the place. It's just a strange thing that we as a society need to tell others who we think we are and that society expects a glimpse into our personal lives. Are we all attention hogs and nosey nans or is there more to it? Anyway, I left work early today to get the dreaded mammo and sonogram of the boobies. It's terribly painful and terrifying, I hate it. Hopefully I won't feel too damaged and I can concentrate on writing my artist's statement and start preparing my craft table setup for the Market. I'm lugging home a big piece of foam core and a vendor logo to make a little fake wall display for my broaches and hair accessories. Will post pics of the outcome on that.

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