Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gallery Opening

Pic by my friend Adriana Vladuca

The opening at InRivers gallery went really well. It was a full house. As usual I only mingled with the people I knew which was too bad because it would have been fun to meet some of the other artists. It was a really awesome night. My friend came in from Jersey with her son who's 9 yo and is really into art and she wants to encourage him. It was a little overwhelming for a kid and there was some sexy art too but he was totally cool about it just like his mom.
After the opening we headed over to the Pencil Factory bar for some beers. I started to feel sick and dizzy and blood pressure dropped. I fainted outside of the bar, I think I was feeling a little claustrophic. The paramedics were called I was super embarrassed with everyone especially my friends who came out to share this special eve, and I had to go and crap it up! Anyway, I was fine after emptying the contants of my stomach, gross I know, I throughly disgusted with myself.

Anywho, I spent the day today recovering drinking tea, making a baked ziti and starting a new drawing for a painting. I used my doll Anaya as my model, that was so helpful. Will post pics of drawing tomorrow. Oh! I made a summer casserole in the middle of winter it was yummy!

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