Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Japanese linen apron

Japanese Linen Apron Japanese Linen Apron Japanese Linen Apron My old apron that my parents gave to me a long time ago has seen better days so I whipped up this new friend. I was inspired by all the cute aprons the main character in Rent-a-Cat wears while doing her home chores. I wanted a nice big pocket and I wanted to be able to fold down the top panel if I didn't feel like wearing it. I use beautiful Japanese linen from Kokka fabrics, in brown. The ties are cotton webbing and then I saved this lovely trim from my first trip to Japan and I thought it would work perfectly on this pretty friend. I added random loosely cut circles, because i wanted to add a soft whimsical unevenness to the whole piece. I might add this pattern to a new zine I have in the works ;)
OH I just received word on my new paper swap partner! Hello new friend! Magdalena!


  1. This is lovely, Jannese! I can't wait to see previews of your new zine. :P

  2. I love the apron Jannese the applique detail is gorgeous!!