Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ganso-new ramen joint

Ganso had their soft opening September 17th and I was there for some of their first steaming ramen bowls. I've been to few places that get it right from the first day, but Ganso did it perfect! I was thrilled when I found out the place I saw on my way to the train station every day was going to be a ramen restaurant and a bit of an izakaya with all its delicious small dishes and beer and sake to come soon (they are waiting for their liquor license). I had the Ganso ramen, a soy based broth with yummy tender pieces of pork and all the prerequisite ramen trimmings. My friend, Michelle, had the spicy miso ramen and that was also scrumptious and came with pork. We also ordered the karage (fried chicken) and the steak as appetizers and it was all delightful. I will be ever so grateful that they are a block away come the bitter New York winter. I came across this review for ramen in Japan and I was wondering if this where they got their name, hmmmm....
Ganso-new ramen place Ganso-new ramen place Ganso-new ramen place Ganso-new ramen place
getting there:
25 Bond St,
Brooklyn, NY (btwn Livingston and Fulton)
Trains: R, Q, B to Dekalb Station,
A,C,G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station,
2,3,4,5 to Nevins Station

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