Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tissue Case-à la Americaine

I love all the lovely tissue cases in the Japanese craft books and other crafty friends' blogs, but unfortunately these pretty cases aren't made for the bulkier and top opening American tissue packs. Fall arrived and my allergies went hay wire (no pun intended). I started carrying my little packs of tissues and the packs always start to fall apart at the last two tissues so I said enough! I drafted a little pattern to make my own pretty cases and now my tissues have a lovely hidey home of their own. The how-to will be in my next zine which I mentioned in my last post. The zine will be mostly simple sewing projects. Tissue case Tissue case Tissue case Tissue case


  1. Ohh what an adorable tissue case, Jannese! I actually started working on a small sewing project using your ribbons and such. I can't wait to take a peek at your new zine!

    1. Thanks Sewon! Can't wait to see your sewing project