Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lacey Stash Giveaway!

Lacey packs
Hi folks. I promised 2 weeks ago to do a giveaway because I had reached my 500th post. I'm a little behind on my posts this month so please forgive me. Now I have some cool stuff for you. I have been organizing my trim stash and also trying to pair down, I could potentially start my own craft supply store with all I have. Anywho, I made a few packets of lace for sale and giveaways. I like to use lace for all manner of crafts from sewing to gift-wrapping. You can make pretty bows for packages, hair accessories, add bits to a collage, decorate your book covers, and some to a plain tote. I'll start with the giveaways. Leave your name, email and what you think you'd use the lace/trim packs for. Two winners will be announced on Friday, July 13th!

I have one pack that I call the Tokyo Scrap Pack, it has bits of cut lace (vintage and modern), a multi-pom pom, satin cording, snail felt applique, some paper scraps from MT and Tinsel Trading, lace shoe laces, and couple of vintage faux pearls. That's the first pack up for a giveaway.
Lacey packs Lacey packs Lacey packs
The second pack, I call the Tokyo Sweets Pack, and its all cut lace and trims and each piece is 18-24" long, a total of 6 yards. Some vintage and some new lace, this pack has ruffled trim elastic, rosettes, velvet piping,and traditional lace.
Lacey packs
Next up I have in my etsy store, Usagi Por Moi, 5 other packs of cut lace and trim, here they are:
Lacey packs
Tokyo Patisserie

Parisian Night
Lacey packs
Rococo Lolita-Silver edition Lacey packs
Rococo Lolita-Vintage Blue edition Lacey packs
Parisian Fringe
parisian fringe
Some ideas I've used lace/trim in the past for:
gift to suet Hanami lunchbag Gift wrap essentials


  1. Hi! Please enter me in the giveaway :)
    My name is Xena (snowberrie@gmail.com) and I think I'd like to try make some hair ties/hair srunchies or a cell strap with the lace n__n

  2. What a lovely giveaway! :) I would probably use lace and trims to make brooches and something for my lovely penpal. My name is Aija and email is aipulii (at) suomi24.fi

  3. Ohh these lace packs are lovely, Jannese! It's been my goal to sew a dress before my birthday in August, and I've been meaning to use some patterns in that Japanese sewing book I got from you. I'd love to add some lace to it. I also think it'd be fun to make small lacy brooches for friends! My e-mail is collectingmaps at gmail.

  4. Hi! thank you for the generous giveaway! I LOVE everything on the cute bags!
    My name is Veronica (been following for a while and love your blog!). My email veck at hotmail dot com
    I'd probably use the lace on my journal pages and crafts, although I have to admit I'd probably just hang them in my wall for a wall for inspiration :3
    Have a nice day!

  5. I'd use the lace for adorning headbands for babies! Thanks!
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com
    Erika W.

  6. AND THE WINNERS ARE Sewon and Aija(Muhku)!!!