Monday, July 23, 2012

A little Japan in your Kitchen-Seaweed wrap

Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
I started making these, salmon avocado seaweed wraps, after I had one at my favorite japanese cafe in Greenpoint I thought I'd share since they are really easy to make and quite tasty.
Things you'll need:
Makes 4-5 wraps
-Nori (roasted seaweed wraps not the little snacky ones but the full sheets)
-1 can of salmon
-pinch of salt
-1/4 teaspoon sriacha
-2 tbsp kewpie mayonnaise
-1 ripe haas avocado, sliced into quarters lengthwise
-1 cup of steamed sushi rice

Step 1- cook rice according to package. Let rice cool a little, it should be warm not burning hot.
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
Step 2- add pinch of salt to salmon
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
Step 3- slice your avocado into long slices like these. Avocado should be ripe.
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
Step 4- cut with a pair of scissors your nori into 4in wide strips, leaving them long to roll.
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
Step 5-mix sriacha and mayo, it should be like peach color when mixed. Also you can adjust spiciness to your taste by adding more or less sriacha.
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
Step 6- Assemble! lay the Nori on a flat surface, on one end put a good amount of rice, then add your salmon, your spicy mayo next, and lastly a slice of avocado. From the end that's filled with all the goodness, start rolling the steam of the rice will help it all stick together.
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap
Repeat to make more, I usually eat two. You can always refrigerate your ingredients separately and warm the rice up again to have it the next day.
Salmon Avo Seaweed Wrap

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