Monday, November 28, 2011

Get rid of my dog, NEVER!

Budda fuzzy face

I have to write this because I am very disturbed that a fellow blogger, who will remain unnamed, did a truly terrible thing. This woman who's European living in Asia was told by her landlord after just moving in that she must get rid of her dog. Now I understand this is a bad spot to be put in, BUT, I would have asked if the building I was moving into allowed pets, specifically dogs. I've moved with pets and I always ask, even before looking at an apartment if they allow them. So for this blogger to say she lost 2 nights sleep over telling her children that their dog was being thoughtlessly given away, I can't even imagine having the audacity to write a post about it. She lost sleep over telling her kids not that this animal was now losing it's family and home that it's known it's whole life, that's so sad for that creature. She should be ashamed of herself and should have found another home for her family where everyone was welcomed. If she got a letter saying children weren't allowed, which is a very real scenario would she have gotten new home for them instead of moving, you know the answer to that. I followed this blog religiously and was sad to have to take her off my RSS feed, but I can't read such a heartless person's blog.
I've had a troubled dog for 11 years and not once have I thought all I'll just get rid of him out of convenience. I'm sorry to be so angry but someone has to speak for those who can't.

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