Monday, March 7, 2011

Tokyo Day 6: Snowy indoors day at the Loft

Today we had totally unexpected weather, it was snowing. It started as very heavy rain then it turned into chunky fakes of snow. I had kinda figured today would be an indoor activity day because there was rain in the forecast so I had already planned to go to Takashimaya, but that wasn't going to be an all day affair. SO, on my list for today aside from Takashimaya were Loft in Shibuya, and Yuzawaya in Shinjuku (in the Takashimaya building). Both truly amazing experiences.

I took the train into Shibuya around 2pm and got a little lost finding Loft because it's kinda tucked into a back street and it was hard holding the map in my freezing hand while the other held a shaky umbrella. When I final found it I was so relived to go into a warm dry place.

The ground floor at Loft is beyond amazing, it's like a stationery store on steroids. Every kinda notebook, calendar, diary, moleskein, washi tape, pens, stickers, you name it they had it in bucket fulls in every color of the rainbow. My mind almost exploded with sensory overload, everything was so kawaii, and useful to boot!

I absolutely loved these little boxes of alphabet stamps, but as mush as I loved the little wooden box ones, the fonts were nicer in the cardboard box set. There were so many stamps of every variety. Then there's the washi tape which has become my favorite I like that it can act as a little splash of fun on practically anything.

On the other floors they have housewares, party goods and such, much like Tokyu Hands but not as overpriced, and cooler. I loved their extensive collection of mugs, and of course I finally got to see some engrish at work, here are these to lovelies.

"flattely will get you know where"

In the kitchen section, there's a couple of aisles dedicated to just making lunch. The Japanese don't be live in a boring lunch so they have a million things to spruce up their daily lunches. Like these cute onigiri boxes. Then there's the food punch cut-outs, which you can cut little faces out of nori or other thin flat food to dress up your lunch. They have toothpicks of all sorts, with little animals, or country flags. Tiny bottles to add condiments to your lunch. It's a fun lunch in Japan!

In the bedding area, you can find a large stuffed creature to keep you warm on those lonely nights, like these sheep. All the adult sleeping animals are mega large, to accommodate a snuggle.

I was so sad when I saw the prices of these prints because Marini and Monteany are my favorite Japanese children's book illustrators and I would have loved to come home with one.

Japan has some of the prettiest umbrellas I've ever seen, this more stuff at the Loft.

Next stop dinner at Takashimaya restaurant park! I went looking for sushi, but they have everything, Tonkatsu places, crepes, thai food, whatever you like. I had the Nigiri set which came with a miso soup, a gelatinous tofu glue bowl, I ate some of it, didn't taste bad but the textured freaked me out, it was too mucous-y for me. The sushi was okay but I've had better, and I tried the eel since it was on my plate, I can still say I don't like it.

Next stop was an amazing surprise. I think I walked into heaven, at least crafters' heaven. Yuzawaya is located on the 11th floor of the Takashimaya building and, my oh my, I've never seen so much amazingness. It's a fabric, notions,crafting and art supply department store.

Since it's rainy and I know there will be more nights of staying home I figure I get some little craft projects to occupy my time , so I got these two cute felting projects at Yuzaway and some stationery supplies at Loft. I started the elephant, it's super time consuming.

On the way home I stopped in at the 7 Eleven and bought myself a beeru and a chocolate bar. I have to try these strawberry sandwiches that I keep seeing too, maybe tomorrow. I'm in for the night, with a movie, beeru, and felting mascot! Konbonwa!

Getting there:

Shibuya-Take the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyu Toyoko line, Keio Inokashira line, Tokyu Den-en-toshi line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Tokyo metro Fukutoshine line, or the Metro Ginza Line to Shibuya. Exit the Hachiko Exit.

Loft-21-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-KU (map below)

Shinjuku-Take the JR Yamanote,Chuo main, Chuo-Sobu, Shonan-Shinjuku or Saiko Lines. Or the Odakyu line, Keio Line and Keio New Line, Marunouchi Line, Toei Shinjuku or Toei Oedo lines. For Takashimaya, exit the New South Exit.

-n 5-24-2, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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