Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tokyo Day 7-Gakugeidaigaku, yeah a mouthful!

Today I went back to Gakugeidaigaku to explore and take pictures but first I took another trip to the supermarket to replenish my fridge since eating out can become really expensive, I figured I should get just more than breakfast foods. The great thing about the supermarket is they have really nice prepared meals like these sashimi plates. I was looking for a small bottle of sake but instead I found sake juice boxes!

On the way back from the market there was a clinic van and therse were slippers outside there steps. I also talked to this kitty who had a strange humane smile. She was a bob tailed kitty much like the rest of the strays.

I got home and had my lunch trying to save a little money so I had this tonkatsu(breaded pork) sandwich with strange flavored chips and a Calpico(milky lemon drink). Then it was off to Gakugeidaigaku!

The little sleepy neighborhood is pretty much very similar to a lot of neighborhoods, I've been to right outside the station with a long street that serves as the main shopping district, which makes it very convienient for folks coming home from work. But if you walk a little further but not by much you'll find a lovely little neighborhood with sweet stores, bakeries, and cafes.

The neighborhood was still filled with lots of trees partially in bloom, plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and mikans.

After walking around for a bit I accidently found this lovely store that I had heard mentioned on a couple of other blogs, Baden Baden. I happened upon it when I was taking a picture of the house it's in and I realized it had a sign. The store carries, accessories, housewares, furniture,lighting, baby goods,jewelry and some stationery and clothing. All just sweet and beautiful. The second floor are rooms set up with contemporary mid-century modern style furniture but in min size to fit the small Tokyo apartment. The proprietor was really sweet also and spoke some English.

These were just lovely little stores one is a grocery and the other a bakery. Then there were these 3 little amigos who were super fiesty and über tiny and cute!

Lastly, I know this is a sign for what seems to be a doctor's office or physical therapist perhaps, but what's up with the aching butt!

Getting there:

Take the Tokyu Toyoko Line to the Gakugeidaigaku Station.

Baden Baden- 2-31-7 Chuo-cho Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
This the best in directions I can give. It's tricky.
Use the exit on the left after the gates at the station. Turn right out of the station. Walk 3 blocks (landmark Minami Parlor). Bare a slight left. Walk one block. Hang a right at the corner. Walk 4 blocks (you will pass under the train tracks after one block). Then make a left, the store is mid-block on the left. Look for the orange sign.

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  1. Love the store Baden Baden, amazing urban Japan.
    The cat uhm... look familiar that is fat like mines.