Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please Help Japan


A few people have asked me if I knew where they can donate to help Japan so I've just collected a few links as to some of the more trustworthy places to donate.
The areas where the earthquake and Tsunami hit the hardest is in desperate need of help, if you can make a donation to help out that would be really awesome. Obviously, I understand if your finances are super tight because you are unemployed and making ends meet can be very difficult. If you are in Japan you can even donate food, clothing and other supplies necessary.

Here's a list:

Second Harvest Japan

The American Red Cross
The Japan Red Cross has posted on their website to please donate through your local Red Cross or if you go on their website you can get the info for the banks that will take direct transfers for donations.
Japan Society
Charity Navigator- pretty cool site on which charities are contributing all their funds to the Japan relief and their affiliations.

Concert for Japan

There are many art gallery's having shows that will donate at least a portion of the sales to Japan relief, plus lots of the craft community is donating a portion of their sales too.


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