Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bye Bye Kitty, hello delicious bento box

This weekend was a pretty good one. Saturday I went to a drawing class at a studio in Dumbo with my Debra, the model was excellent. That was the first live model drawing class in quite a few years. I wish we could have stayed longer but we had to leave early for a birthday dinner with friends.

Next stop, our friends, Linda and Ben's, apartment in Chelsea where she did a bit of DIY remodeling to her kitchen and living room. Linda laid mini subway tiles in her kitchen, they look really sleek. After a short stop at Linda's place we took a cab down to Chinatown to a duck dinner at Peking Duck House. It was tasty but I'm not a duck person really, it's a little fatty, kinda how I feel about the delicious pork medallions in ramen. If your a duck person this is the place to go.

On Sunday I met my friend Adriana, of Saru-Saru, to see the "Bye Bye Kitty Between Heaven and Hell" show at the Japan Society. The show was a split, some truly breath-taking work and some meh work. Manabu Ikeda and Tomoko Kashiki were my two favorites from the show. Tomoko's paintings were ethereal and I loved her subtle use of texture. Manubu's work will blow anyone's mind, he does cross-hatching in über tiny strokes to make a small world filled with secrets.

Of course after a Japanese art show we had to go have lunch at a Japanese restaurant, we went to Sobaya, who make their soba fresh on the premises. Adriana had the Tonkatsu don and I had the lunch set bento box, lots of yuminess to be had. Two more stops to make our Nipon experience complete. First Panya bakery, which is self explanatory, I got a cream puff and some white milk bread to take home, plus a curry pan for my partner. Then we headed upstairs to Sunrise mart the Japanese supermarket, I just needed sushi rice but of course I a left with a bunch of treats including the tiniest yam pound cake ever, it was more like a ounce cake. Then home.

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