Friday, February 12, 2010

New Family member! Francie!

Meet Francie our newest member of the family. After searching and meeting a lot of dogs and a lot of ,strange but nice, people we found little Francie a tiny chiwa full of spunk. Francie's foster mom, Carrie, is a totally normal cool woman with a big heart, she had Francie for a year and finally decided it was time for the little Miss to have a forever home.
We are so lucky to have found her, she's a perfect fit, Budda likes her and she has no problem telling Budda that she won't take any crap from him. At a whopping 4.5lbs she's a tough broad. Francie is two years old, she came from a scary situation, her original family surrendered her to WaggyTails because they were fleeing for their lives from an abusive husband/father. This man took it upon himself to abuse his family including tiny Francie. The mom decided it was time to find herself, her kids and her little dog a safe home so she worked for one of Waggy Tails fosters and she helped her out. When Carrie started to foster Francie (originally Persephone) she thought she was gaining a lot of weight so she put her on a diet, she still was gaining weight and then one day when she was sitting on her lap she felt a little kick from Francie's belly, she was pregnant! Turns out she was hanging out with an unfixed male Chiwa before her surrender and got knocked up. Francie had 3 pups, one didn't make it, but the other two are happily living in Brooklyn and she gets to see them from time to time, and she loves them. We plan to keep her in contact with her pups. Her Foster mom after all that thought she would keep her since her ailing Pomeranian took a shine to her, but then he passed. Francie's foster mom realized she'd do better in a family with another dog, that's where Budda comes in, we met her last night and past muster, so tomorrow she comes home with us. I already went to Trixie and Peanut and pick up some cold weather sweaters up for her, Debra got her a bed, food and toys. WE"RE READY!!!!!

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