Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crafty Sunday

Crochet Sunday was a lovely afternoon with friends. I was actually trying to learn a new knitting technique, when it actually looks like something I'll post piccs, but this is the flower that I work on when I was sick last Monday and finished up on Sunday eve.There was a LOT of snacks to be had and my friends must have remembered I love sweets because we had a bounty of cookies of every sort, YUM! My friend, Adriana, furiously worked on her crochet monkey with knit overalls for her friend Anca's baby, Nathan, pictured below, very cute! And you can see her working on her monkey too! Check the snacks :)

Adriana (of Saru Saru) and her Monkey

Baby Nathan and his new Monkey, by Adriana (of Saru Saru)

crochet flower that I made using a pattern from the "Fumi" book

First two friends at the crafty party

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