Thursday, February 25, 2010

Iceland Cancelled!

"All Packed and no where to go"

I was all packed and headed to the airport ready to celebrate my birthday in Iceland, when I get a phone call in the cab from US Airways with a robotic voice on the other end. "You're flight has been cancelled, please contact USairways to reschedule. We were literally pulling ip to the door at the airport terminal so we ran to the counter, and oddly enough only one other person had the same problem. We were extra lucky that we got the nastiest person ever to "help" us. They couldn't get us on any flight that would get us in to meet our connecting flight in Boston to Iceland. My partner decided to head over to nice older gentleman who tried to help us but the best he could do was put us on a plane to Heathrow then Iceland, an 11hr trip, on Thursday afternoon when a trip to Iceland is 5 hrs. Considering our return flight was Sunday evening getting to Iceland on Friday would have been a waste of time. OH! and the C**T who first attended to us wanted to put us on standby for 7pm flight to Boston arriving at 8:09pm to connect to an international flight leaving at 8:35pm, I'm no genius but you know that would be physically impossible. When the older gent that was helping us saw what this woman was doing he was like they are not going to make that flight if you put them on a 7pm shuttle. So in the end there was no way of getting us to Iceland, I spent about 2 hrs crying at the airport with my partner in shock and trying to console me and trying to get Expedia to refund us all our money, they claim they are giving us a full refund. But who reimburses for the 2 cab rides to and from the airport ,the pre-paid dogsitter/dogwalker, the special gear we bought for the trip all the little things add up to a lot of money. BOYCOTT US AIRWAYS! BRING THE MOTHERF*CKERS DOWN!

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