Monday, April 1, 2013

Akiko Kikuchi Mash Mook Vol. Three

Recently I have been seeing, Akiko Kikuchi Mash Mook Vol. Three, everywhere; on multiple blogs and instagram. There's even a in-the-making video on Youtube. So I ran down to Kinokuniya and had them order it for me! It's absolutely adorable. Akiko Kikuchi is a Japanese model-actress and has a great sense of humor in her modeling. The Mook takes you to Portugal for some old world European backdrops in the fashion shoots and has a mini travel guide (in Japanese, of course). You'll also follow Akiko in her day to day during her location shoots, where you'll see the cute lunches prepared for her and her pooch that also models. My favorite are the fashion apparel and accessories spreads, showing you the latest trends and combining outfits to get that cute girl look. Here are a few stills from the copy I bought and few other links to more info on the mook.
Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook Mash Mook

Akiko Kikuchi mash mook vol. Three
ISBN 9784091036315
Sample pages
Cute Video, filmed in and around Tokyo
Video for this volume, love!!!!
菊池亜希子ムック『マッシュ vol.3』ができるまで

Video for previous volume super cute!

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