Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tsumori Chisato and paper crafts!

This week I popped into Kinokuniya to pick up my book on garland and mobile crafts that Jenna so kindly gave me the info after posting it on her blog, Hand Deco Interior. This is a super fun Japanese craft book with loads of creative ideas on making garlands, mobiles and ornaments. I must warn you the instructions are in Japanese and there are no visual instructions so it will take a little imagination and ingenuity on your part to make these. I was thinking maybe making a garland incorporating some of these lovely crepe paper flowers I found over on Oh Happy Day.

Japanese paper craft book Japanese paper craft book Japanese paper craft book Japanese paper craft book Japanese paper craft book
While I was at Kino I was browsing in the magazine section and I came across this Tsumori Chisato catalog with an awesome treat inside! I little golden kitty wallet by Tsumori-san! So exciting!
Tsumori Chisato Tsumori Chisato Tsumori Chisato Tsumori Chisato
Hand Deco Interior
(MSムック カラフル手作りidea book vol. 2) [ムック]


  1. what great taste you have! they would be on my list too if there was a kinokuniya in melb! :)

  2. Thanks for the little mention Jannese, so kind of you - so happy you found a copy of the party book! The mook looks amaze too ^_^

  3. Hello,

    My name is Zoe, and i'm fench.
    I fall in love with your party book, could you give me a web link to a shop were i can buy it online?

    Thank you very much )

    Your blog is fabulous by the way !

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Zoe. Thanks for writing. I posted the link above for Amazon Japan, good luck:)