Monday, November 15, 2010

Back track

I haven't written in so long so I going to a little backtrack if you would humor me. The reason of neglected my blog is that I was sick 3 weeks out of the last month plus I have been working ten to twelve hour days (fashion may actually kill me).
Starting with halloween, even though I was super sick, I managed to scrap a costume together at the last minuted, I went with 70's-80's punk. It just kinda happened as I was make-uping to be a 70's afro diva I faux-hawked my hair and voila, punk was born. The rest was simple black mini and tank, ripped opaque tights, bondage plaid blazer, and some converse hi-tops with the words "fuck you" scribbled on the toe caps. Perfect!

My partner went as a toothless drunken whore, priceless! My friend Michelle got crafty and made herself some zombie guts out of two t-shirts, sheer nylon tights and some paint.

She went retro zombie with the addition of an Afro wig and 70's sunglasses. The party we went to at Repop had a lot of cool and creepy vintage props, like these.

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