Monday, November 15, 2010

Japanese yumminess and architecture loveliness

The last month and a half has been really rough on me, physically can mentally, but I have had some very nice highlights. Last weekend right after work I jumped on the train to Union Square to go to my favorite Japanese Ramen place Ramen Takumi on University place. I like to get the Miso Ramen, soy bean paste flavored broth with two slices of pork, scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, corn and noodles, salty goodness!

Sitting at the counter is key so you can watch the fluid movements of the Ramen cooks as they make your delicious bowl of noodles. I love them more than Ippudo for their atmosphere, it's homey feeling and not all discotheque insanity, but Ippuddo is slightly tastier than Takumi but not by much the price is about the same though. AND most important little to no wait. Depends when you come, usually before 8pm you'll get a seat right away as oppose to Ippudo's legendary 2hr waits.
After my delicious ramen I took a train to upper Chelsea to my friends architecture design office where they were having a party just because they wanted to. The office is awesome and I got to see lots of architecture models and time elapsed photos of their projects particularly the Art House in Austin. Pretty impressive and crafty!

Saturday morning we painted our apartment, the living room and entrance way, a very nice light gray and a dusty blue gray. That night we grabbed a bite and lots of beer at Der Schwarze Kölner then an early night to watch the NYC marathon that runs by our apartment and back to painting, blech!

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