Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh New York don't fail me now

It's a week since we got back from Sweden and Denmark and it's the first time in my life I can say wow I'm kinda done with my hometown. Don't get me wrong I love NYC it's in my blood, but I'm tired of being the townie in the none-stop rat race.
So since I got back I worked super long hours at work but that was expected, I've seen my friends and one member of my family, all good. Thursday afterwork my friends and I had some delicious ribs at Smoke Joint in Fort Greene and some tasty beers. Friday my coworker told me I didn't have to come in which was a pleasant surprise. With a day off I figured I get myself bavk on the crafting horse by coming into the city and check out upholestry fabric at Joe's fabrics on Delancey. I need to make covers for the cushions of my mid-century mod chair which I've been putting off forever. Debra and I poured over the swatch books and bolts of fabric nothing really appealed to the both of us so we decided to search online.

Across the street like a mirage in the desert we spy a Swedish flag, it was a miracle! It turned out it was White Slab a Swedish restaurant that was called Good World at another location further downtown where we use to go for drinks.

Now we know to order the potato pancake with caviar and all the other trimmings so of course we ate that plus a pickle plate, some breads including a cumin biscuit and some refreshing hefeweizen. We talked to our Swedish waitress and reminisced about Södermalm. Then some tipsy window shopping and back to Brooklyn to catch up with True Blood.
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