Sunday, July 11, 2010

The new teeny residences

Inga and Björn in front Olaf in back

Meet Björn, Olaf and Inga, the 3 six week old kittens just newly arrived.
These little babies were born outdoors and were a surprise to the TNR folks who trapped their mom. Turns out when she was trapped they realized mommy was lactating so they went in search of her babies. After a couple of days these three sweeties were found and they were under a week old. Since then they were being fostered by my aunt but she has too many kitties so we are taking over for a bit and get these guys socialized.
First night the dogs were curious and the kittens weren't sure what to make of everything. Little Inga kept approaching Francie and hissing. Björn was exploring the top of the couch and kept poyncing on his brother and sister. And little Olaf had a tummy ache so he kept snuggling the pillow. Björn and Inga ate a little and the three passed out.



Björn & Inga


If you want to follow news about these guys and when they'll be ready for adoption check out my foster blog, Tiny Beast Town.
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