Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Mighty Mask


Well it was bound to happen, that I would get a request from one of my friends to make some masks a la cute japanese style! I made a simple pattern, cut some kawaii fabric, added some elastic and VOILA! a mask every neurotic new yorker should own. So I am selling the pattern on etsy for those who would like to make their own, and I will also provide already made ones for the sewing-disabled. I cannot make promises of miraculous prophylactic properties against swine flu or any disease, who can? really. But you can at least avoid getting coughed in the face by the turkey-jerky sitting next to you on the subway who refuses to cover his or her face. So check out my shop, the pattern and kawaii cough masks will be available starting this week, just in time for back-to -school! At my etsy store Dollparts and Candy.

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