Thursday, July 31, 2014

Analog Film Diary

This is a group of photos I recently developed with wonderful things things I've experienced in the last 8 months. JR15c01-R01-002A JR15c01-R01-004A JR15c01-R01-015A-cc JR15c01-R01-017A-cc JR15c01-R01-019A-cc JR15c01-R01-021A-cc JR15c01-R01-027A-cc JR15c01-R01-034A JR15c01-R01-036A-cc JR15c02-R01-001A JR15c02-R01-002A-cc JR15c02-R01-003A JR15c02-R01-028A JR15c02-R01-036A

1 & 2. Yayoi Kusama. 3. Emmons Ave, Sheephead Bay. 4.Plumb Beach. 5-9. Gowanus 10. Fringe Salon, NYC. 11. On the J train platform, NYC. 12. South Willamsburg 13. Boiceville, NY 14. Francie meditating, Boiceville, NY.

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