Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adopt or Foster Moose!


I generally like to keep my animal posts on my separate blog tinybeasttown but this is a very special case where there are three lovely dogs who need homes at least foster ones. So today I would like to feature Moose:
Moose is a doll! She loves to play and get belly rubs. Her favorite activities are: couch surfing, butt scratching, making sure you are never alone, and tail wagging. She's a little shy for the first few minutes then she can't wait to go on walk with you and hang out on the sofa and watch little Breaking Bad with you. Almost everything is new to her at 9 years old because her previous owner kept her locked in a basement with barely any food, but still she acts like a pup and loves everyone. Moose needs some serious fattening up which is what her fosters have been trying to do slowly, although she has a great appetite and can eat all day if you give her the opportunity, but we gotta take it slow. This sweet little lady has gotten along with all her foster siblings, including some of the more grumpy ones, so she'd love a roommate especially a real chill one. She's cool with older kids. This gentle pup needs a mellow place to settle down in but really like for someone to play with her, take her on walks, and even the park. Moose has had a really sad and hard life and is ready to start a great one with her new loving family. To foster or adopt please visit and fill out an application for "Little Sister"

moose with becca

Any questions please contact

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