Friday, February 15, 2013

In other News: Leather, Crochet, and Stamping Projects

I always like to present myself with a challenge to learn a new craft skill and leather crafting has been high on my list. Previously, I showcased my tiny necklace purses, but now I worked on a larger project, a cross body shoulder bag for my spring bike rides. I like to ride unencumbered by large bags weighing me down so I though, hmmmm let's make a cute bag! I used buttery soft navy blue leather and a lovely peachy tone too. I also added a little star charm on the front panel.
Projects completed
Another leather lovely, I made a kindle case for D, then hand stamped the beautiful silver leather with simple shapes. In keeping with the stamping motif I also craved out a giant triangle and bought some neon pink paint and made this fun tote.
Projects completed I showed you this blanket in process but here's my little friend sleeping on his new blanket. I made up the crochet pattern and will share it in the near future.
Projects completed
This little bunny friend was sitting on a Salvy shelf waiting to be rescued. I brought him home, crocheted him a little cape to him warm and then made his basket into a cupcake pin cushion.
Projects completed

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