Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog Award

Yesterday I was so please to receive an email from my blogging friend, Kelly at Kelly Zarb Style that she was awarding me the "Very Inspiring Blog Award". Kelly's blog is truly inspiring with her lovely sketchbooks and collage work, she has very sweet Japanese inspired style. Her drawings are lovely and always make me smile. She also did a wonderful interview about me in her first installment of Love+Space+Work, thank you Kelly. Give her a visit.

Rules for the "Very Inspiring blog Award." Please read carefully:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself. (see below)
4. Nominate between 10 (originally 15) other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award's requirements.

7 fun facts about me you may not know :
1. I am a professional accessories designer.
2. I am of Cuban and Spanish decent.
3. People wonder how I have time to do all my projects, I freelance for work so I can manage my time easier.
4. I'm a collector, I collect anything from stationery to vintage cameras.
5. I've always been obsessed with bike riding so I try to ride my bike even in the winter, except today when the national weather advisory issued a frostbite alert!
6. I started sewing when I was 16 years old, photographing when I was 14, and painting when I was 5.
7. My favorite all time band is the Clash.

Here are 10 fabulous bloggers who I feel deserve a nomination (I am biased to great photography):

1. Jollygoo- Lovely Hiki's photo's are always a pleasure to see. Her photos bring life to Tokyo all the away across the oceans.
2.Polkaros-Ros's lifestyle products are off the hook adorable and super sweetly designed, I found her because I was looking for pics of Jiyugaoka after returning from the earthquake. I was fortunate to meet her on her last trip to NYC. She's a doll!
3.My Life As a Magazine-Sweet Jenna, who I had the pleasure of meeting during the holidays when she and her husband visited NYC. I love her blog because its everything I love about Japan and crafting, fun, vibrant, and creative.
4.Maps and Fragments-LOvely Sewon's blog s inspirational in soo many ways, but I can say without a doubt her photography is flawless and makes you want to participate in any she took a picture of.
5.WTWS- Beebee has amazing taste and has the pulse on all great stationery and baked goods, especially Japanese.
6.Bonjour Johanna-Johanna,is such a talented artist and lovely to boot. Her ceramic and textile work is simple, elegant and beautiful to see.
7.l'inventaire'de l'esthetique- Marion's photography is one of my most favorite of all, she has the same love for her camera and taking pictures that I do, it doesn't hurt thta I lot of her subject matter is located in Paris.
8.Schorlemaedchen- Maria is also a great photographer, her photos a daily meals and Australia are to die for.
9.Sokokashiko Natsumi has wonderful pictures of her home in Japan and other wonderful pics of places she's traveled to.
10.Kado hiromi Kado-san's artwork is inspirational and I love all her photos of her daily life in Japan.

Ok, that's really hard, but worth it, you should totally check out these folks you'll fall in love.


  1. Thank you Jannese for including me along with other wonderful bloggers here!! I feel flattered! I don't know if I can but will try to reblog this ;)

    1. Oh no worries Hiki-chan. I just wanted to continue sharing the love. Its very time consuming so I totally understand.