Friday, January 4, 2013

A Good End and New Beginning

I've been fortunate enough to have a lovely end and beginning of year. First up, D and I tried the new Danish restaurant in Tribeca, Aamanns-Copenhagen a smørrebrød shop by Danish chef Adam Aamann. They prepare delicious tiny smørrebrød (you'll need to get two), an open face sandwich, with combinations like roast beef sirloin with, crispy onions, remoulade sauce and freshly grated horseradish. They also make their on aquavit. Afterwards we walked around Soho for a bit, such a lovely area of NYC.
Aammans Aammans Soho Next up, I great night out at Village Yokocho in the East Village, a fun izakaya, then drinks at Decibel a wonderful Japanese Sake bar, reminiscent of bars in the Golden Gai. Lastly, we headed to St. Marks Place for a sweet treat at the Spot, a Korean dessert place where I had an amazing green tea tiramisu.
village yokocho Decibel the Spot
On Monday I had a great surprise I met up with lovely Jenna and her husband, from My Life as a Magazine. We had tea at Cha-An, my favorite Japanese teahouse and we walked around a bit in the EastVillage. Jenna also gave me sweet gift, a copy of this months Frankie! She knew I had a digital subscription but there aren't any hard copies to be found in NYC. Thank you Jenna, it was lovely to meet you.(that's tea smoked salmon on toast)
Tea Smoked Salmon gift from Jenna
Yesterday we started the year with a great art installation at the NY Armory on Park Ave by artist Ann Hamilton. The show had beautiful silk sails floating in the middle of the room and it had swings attached to it with cords and when people sit and swing it creates a dance of fabric. The only part of the show I found disturbing were the poor pigeons kept in tiny cages that are released at the end of the night into the armory at the end of the show. The pigeons seem distressed and I don't believe animals should be used in any art, they're living beings not objects. But other wise the show was pretty spectacular.
Ann Hamilton show @ the NYC Armory Ann Hamilton show @ the NYC Armory Ann Hamilton show @ the NYC Armory Ann Hamilton show @ the NYC Armory


  1. Oh the animals thing also drives me insane. I spent a horrible evening at Flux Factory asking a million questions about the mice they had on exhibit in a piece. It totally ruined the otherwise awesome show.

  2. Hi Jannese! Ryan and I had an amazing time in NYC a high light was meeting you. Thanks for taking us to the beautiful Cha An tea-house. I hope we get to meet again soon - so much to talk about! agh! xo Thanks for your special gift too!