Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inspired by Bonjour Johanna

I love to see all the lovely textile design and art Johanna is working on and some of my favorite pieces are her hand painted plates and pottery. Inspired by her beautiful work I set out to make one of my little plants a new home to live in. This plant had the misfortune of getting knocked down by a naughty kitten and having her home smashed to pieces. She's been living in a metal mixing bowl until I found a pot abandon on the side of the street so I whisked it away into my Brooklyn apartment and let it sit for two weeks knowing I wanted to paint it but wasn't sure how. My poor plant pleaded with me, "please make my home beautiful and hurry I cannot live in this metal bowl much longer". I whipped out my acrylics and set off to painting and made this, not as lovely as Johanna's but has a slight feeling of inspired by.
usagi por moi Pot by me Pot by me Pot by me

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