Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crafty Holidays

As Fall starts to wind down into winter we saw our last leaves and had Thanksgiving with family.
Budda Francie
Little Miss Francie takes her last Fall ride in the basket liner I made for her. Reminds me of a scene in E.T.
Thanksgiving cuban style
We had traditional and Cuban fair.
Hat by me
I've also been working on all sorts of cold weather accessories like this hat, it has a detachable pom.
Hat by me Hat by me handmade stationery
My dad had his 75th birthday and we celebrated on Thanksgiving, I made him the card.
Dad's 75th Betty Bakery treats
Treats from Betty Bakery Mike Perry
Awesome stage design for the Mike Perry final gala at Wondering Around Wandering, Owenand the Eyeballs played.

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  1. Wondering Around Wandering looks seriously so much fun! I wish I could've taken James there. P.S. I love, love your pom pom hat. :)