Friday, February 24, 2012

Motoyuki Daifu: Japanese Photographer

On Wednesday I made my way to the gallery district in Chelsea to the Lombard Freid Projects on 19th street. This is one of my favorite galleries because they will often have great photography exhibitions, like the one they hosted this month, Motoyuki Daifu: Lovesody. Motoyuki-san is one of my favorite Japanese photographers, his photographs are a living diary, and this series documents his brief and potent relationship with a young single mother whom he met when she was pregnant with her second child. I saw Motoyuki-san's work last year right after the earthquake in a group show at the same gallery in which he documented the chaotic life of his family living in a small apartment in Tokyo, but Lovesody is a much more intimate look at a moment in his life. Here are my pics of a few of his photographs but you should visit his site or Lombard Freid Projects site to see the collection. The show runs until March 2, so if you're in New York, make a quick trip over it's worth it.


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