Friday, December 11, 2009


So I bit the big bullet and ordered the Mori Girls issue of Spoon from Amazon Japan, it was pricey too pricey, but there were only a couple left and I didn't want to miss out. It's chock full of photographic goodness. This issue has models Yu Aoi and Merii (Jungle) (Merii is one of my absolutely favorite Japanese models), both modeling Mori girl styles, plus there's a whole section on Emily Temple Cute and Jane Marple two outstanding designer labels plus Syrup (I wish they were here in the States). They have the A to Z's in becoming a Mori Girl, I will list those for you here: A is A-line, as in clothing that doesn't cling to the body. B is for books for the well read girl, who loves books about art, tragedy and child like stories. C is for Check, as in gingham or plaids, D is for dot, that one is obvious. E is for Ethnic, that's to incorporate some ethic styles into your mori-girl outfits. F is for Film, like Amelié and Virgin Suicides,and for some reason G for Girl is lumped in with that one apparently meaning girly sappy films. H is for Hairstyle, only a perfect bob with bangs or curly long tresses with fringe are the two acceptable hairstyles for Mori-girls. I is for Illustration, for a lovely collection of children's illustration like my favorites, Marini & Monteany, J is for Jam and your shit of luck if you dislike Jam every Mori girl must eat JAM! K is for Kago bag, these are bag's resembling a basket like little red riding hood's. L is for life and from what I can determine they me living creatures that a mori-girl should enjoy the cute cuddly furry creatures, especially those residing in the woods, and she must have some charms, key chain or other element incorporating such creatures in the design. M is for Mellow time (I laughed so hard at this that I almost cried) this means you should own candles! O is for one piece for everyone leaving in the west this means a dress. P is for Perfume easy enough. Q id for Q & A, I have no idea what this could possibly mean. R is for romantic, a mori girl should immerse herself in romantic things. S is for Scandinavia, all mori girls should love Scandinavian stuff, no problem there what's not to like. T is for Toe, they mean a rounded toe shoe on this one. V is for vintage also self-explanatory. W is for Walk with Camera, a mori girl should always have her Holga to take pictures of the deer and bunnies hopping about. Y is for Yummy, a Mori girl must only wear sweet treats in the from of charms never eat them. Z id for Zakka, all mori-girls must be crafty girls. Ta-Da! Some of these rules are kinda weird some of them apply to a lot of the female population already. Anyway not making fun of the Mori-girls because I love this style, just was tickled by the crazy engrish in the magazine. More pics on my flickr


  1. this is so awesome! thanks for listing the letters, I love it! however, was there no N, U or X? either way, lots of cute tips to be mori. hahaha

  2. "N" is for Necklace, something romantic or with lots of junk hanging off it, like keys or scissors! Preferably in Gold. Have to look at the Mook again to tell you U and X. I'm sureb it's something absurd. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this look I just think the rulebook is a little kooky