Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kara Walker and Saying Good Bye to Domino

After of years of Brooklynites petitioning to save the Domino Sugar Factory it says a fond farewell with Kara Walker's wonderful and striking exhibit, "A Subtlety" or "The Marvelous Sugar Baby". Here a few shots from my visit:

JR15c02-R01-004A-cc JR15c02-R01-014A JR15c02-R01-016A JR15c02-R01-011A JR15c02-R01-007A JR15c02-R01-009A JR15c02-R01-008A JR15c02-R01-025A JR15c02-R01-013A JR15c02-R01-010A_CC

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