Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Treasures from Japan

As a birthday gift to myself I ordered a few items from (a couple of weeks ago) Hiki's store Uguisu the Little Shoppe. Hiki has the most beautiful assortment of goods and art from Japanese artists. My favorites are always the stationery, you can never have enough paper goods. One of my absolute favorite Japanese artist is Aiko Fukawa. Fukawa-sans delicate paintings are joyful, strange and a sheer delight to look at. I was fortunate to have found a few lovely pieces in Hiki-chan's shop including a wonderful notebook filled with Fukawa-sans work and still enough room to add your own notes. Plus, I'm waiting for a lovely 8 card set of Fukawa-sans's paintings which will hang in my home. Along with these treasures I bought a beautiful letterpress coaster set entitled "Squirrel Forest" also a gorgeous packet of origami paper by Cochae.

Beautiful wrapping by Hiki

special surprise gift inside from Hiki, lovely vintage stationery. Thank you, Hiki-chan! xoxo

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