Thursday, July 11, 2013

Arthur Ave via Instagram

I've been holding off on posting about my trip to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx for a couple of weeks in hopes I would get my film back soon, but alas that's not happening soon so I will show you with my Instagram photos which are super fun too. Arthur Avenue is a small stretch of restaurants and food markets solely of old school Italian food. Absolutely delicious! Also I want to explain my Polyvore blast on my blog. I've recently started creating sets on Polyvore and I'm a little addicted. I want to share these with you because I thought you may like a little cute fashion every once in while. I've also been interviewing like crazy for a new design job and I'm on the fashion train right now polishing up my research knowledge.So I hope you don't mind me adding my Polyvore sets but I promise its not going to take over the blog. I will add a little button of sets on the left-side of the blog if you want to follow me. Oh and Stationery winners your stuff went out yesterday hope you get it soon. Arthur Ave Arthur Ave Arthur Ave Arthur Ave Arthur Ave Arthur Ave

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