Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vintage Sewing: What I'm Wearing

I've started to freshen up my Spring/Summer wardrobe and as much as I like shopping as the next gal, I really love sewing. Making one-offs that no one else has, is extra fun so with that in mind I started purchasing vintage 1960's mod sewing patterns. Later, following up with a trip to my local craft store, Brooklyn General Store where I bought some super cute fabrics,starting with this mini deco fans print from Shelburne Falls in powder blue. I have two more to make, a pretty yellow with white dot, and a lovely spring green with teenie flowers. Stay tuned... new dress just finished! new dress just finished!

Dress: Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 8189 in Shelburne Falls, Deco Fans powder blue.
Shoes: Golden Ponies in mint
Socks: Target
Eyeglasses: Vintage
Hair: Fringe Salon, NYC


  1. So so cute Jannese love the outfit missy. Oh and by the way loving the golden Ponies in mint delish!!

  2. OH MY! You look adorable in this dress! All the minty blue loveliness is making me weak at the knees!