Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hervé Morvan, Fog Linen, and MT Tape

Last week was a good week for getting some really awesome stuff. Since I was working near the Kinokuniya in NYC I took a break and went shopping in the bookstore and came home with these lovely tapes and this wonderful book filled with French Poster art by Hervé Morvan. Of course no trip to Kinokuniya can be without some washi tape, I bought the thinner tape three packs. I also ordered from the heavenly linen store, Fog Linen, their fabric swatches and tapes which make great mini projects or just wonderful gift wrapping ideas. Plus beautiful linen kitchen towels, the two scandinavian blue towels, in gingham and stripe. Thanks to Beebee for sharing.
Fog Linen Hervé Morvan book Hervé Morvan book Hervé Morvan book Hervé Morvan book MT Tape


  1. I really love that book. The illustrations bring back happy childhood memories!