Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter has arrived it's time for the hot foods-Making Ojiya

Yuzu Ojiya

It's quite chilly now in New York, it's time to eat lots hot foods. Ramen and Udon are at the top of my list, but a really easy one to make at home is Ojiya(basically Japanese risotto). Ojiya is a rice porridge and you can make it with all sorts of ingredients but a basic and tasty one is Yuzu Ojiya.

Makes 2 servings (double for 4):

2 cups of cooked short grain rice (like sushi rice)
2 cups dashi stock (from mix, use 1/4 tsp in 2 cups of hot water)
soy sauce or salt
1 to 2 eggs
finely chopped scallions
yuzu (or lemon) rind cut into very small fine pieces

In a pot put your rice and dashi stock and cook at medium heat, keep an eye on it
and stir occasionally. Let the rice absorb most of the water, it should have the consistency of a thin porridge. If the dashi is too bland tasting you can add a little salt or soy sauce. It will take about 5 to 8 minutes.
Mix an egg or 2 in a bowl and slowly pour in while stirring gently to get the mixture spread evenly this will also give your porridge a smoother consistency.
And your done cooking!
Next pour out a portion into a bowl and top with scallion and yuzu(or lemon). Mix and ready to eat! Enjoy!

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