Friday, July 1, 2011

Studio visit with Katy Hamer

D and I met up with a good friend, Katy, for lunch yesterday afternoon. It was great fun to hang out with her and eat at a new place, Ella, well a new place for me. Ella serves wonderful organic food at a very reasonable price. The menu is extensive, from organic beef burgers to organically grown salads of every variety. We had Katy's favorite, tomato bacon melt, it was really yummy, I loved the foccacia bread. It was a little warm inside for a summer day but they also have a tented garden with the sun streaming through the large white sail overhead.
After lunch, Katy was very sweet to show us her studio and asked us to see the body of work she has been working on for the last year. I have to say I was blown away! Her paintings are magnificent, they're new, they're raw and emotional, but also you feel like you're looking through veil into Katy's world of personal relationships. I won't say too much because she hasn't officially showed her work except to a few friends and she should have the honor of the unveiling. As part of her series, Katy's been working on a new series of drawings in mixed media entitled "Pyramidia" they are a little detached emotionally compared to the paintings but they form an interesting link or bridge between her sculptures, paintings and drawings creating a incredible beautiful solid body of work. Thanks for sharing with us Katy, I loved it all!
To view more of her work visit & to read her art criticism go to eyes-towards-the-dove.


Katy also showed us her newest tattoo it's amazing! Checkout Princess Leia as a Squab.


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