Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blythe Nostalgic Pop! On her way!

I bought this young lady yesterday I'm so excited because I was hoping there would be a brunette like Mrs Retro Mama who I have and think she has one of the most unique faces from all the girls. I know that sounds odd when the face molds for all the Radiance faces are the same but the fabrication and makeup is very different giving MRM a luminescent feature that none of the other girls have. Dainty Biscuit also has her own face uniqueness that her face has an iridescent fabrication. According to Blythe News on the CWC/Takara Blythe site Nostalgic Pop will have a luminescent face. She's already been shipped out!!!! She's coming EMS so hopefully I'll have her by next week. Now for a name, hmmmmm....


  1. OMGosh...would you be willing to tell me how I could get one of these Blythes? Pretty please?? xo

  2. Ebay is the easiest way. You can also get one from