Thursday, June 25, 2009

MORE! New Japanese Craft Books!

Crochet Book for Girls and Boys Designs

On Tuesday I went to midtown to meet with a company vendor and I brought our summer intern, Leslie, with me to learn about meeting with our accessories vendor and what they can offer to do for us. They actually have the greatest crafting workshop imaginable, they are always inviting me to come and play and create stuff, I think I need to take them up on their offer (sorry I'm vague about who I work for or our vendors, I just don't want to give large companies free advertising and they can give me shit for it too.)Anyway, after our lovely meeting with our vendor folks (they are actually really sweet, the ladies who work there)I asked Leslie if she would like to come with me to Kinokuniya Books since it's only a couple of blocks away and I was going to get some fashion mags and of course some crafty books. Of course I can't ever leave there empty handed I got a few more Japanese Craft books and two magazines. I have two more books to post but I didn't get a chance to scan them yet.

Nani Iro sewing pattern book for Women and Girls' Designs (nani iro textiles)

Pouchee sewing patterns for little girls' designs

Maria kids' fashion magazine

Fudge High Fashion magazine

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